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Marketing Democracy is a search consultancy with years of experience helping email marketers find the right ESP partner. We add tremendous value to the process by providing unbiased expertise and customized scorecards, addressing each client’s unique needs and staying up-to-date with the evolving vendor landscape and industry demands. Past Clients are a who’s who of leading brands in the retail, publishing, insurance and travel & hospitality industries. And our unique insight into marketing pricing means our clients don’t just make the right decision in the selection of a new ESP, they also get a fantastic deal.

What We Do

We manage the entire RFP process from kick-off to contract signing. Our Project Managers are responsible for managing and coordinating clients and vendors to keep the process moving forward to a timely conclusion.

We work with our Client’s stakeholders to build the requirements and use cases that reflect the unique needs of each. Every RFP we create is built from the ground up.

Our scorecard-driven vendor selection process and common pricing template ensure that objective measures are used to evaluate vendors based on each client’s specific challenges and opportunities — we guide, you select.

We work closely with client procurement teams to get the best pricing for each client. Because of all the RFPs we manage, Marketing Democracy has unparalleled insight into the pricing models and teams of the leading enterprise email providers.

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